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Talisman Restaurant

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I have this habit of saying "This is where I'm going to have my birthday" every time I walk into a new restaurant. This is after the aesthetics have blown my mind and the menu is wide. So after perusing the menu and taking in the environment, I was sure I wanted to have my birthday there. (Note - this is only temporary bc I'm probably going to go some place new and say the same thing, lol). But for now, it's Talisman.

Besides Talisman giving me major Moroccan vibes, it made me really nostalgic because one of my favorite joints that was closed had a similar aesthetic.

I'm not here to give a review of the place or of the food, I just wanted to put y'all onto this pretty cute place. Although it's worth noting that the service is pretty fast. Like surprisingly, fast.

I'll definitely be back soon so I'll update the photos.

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