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Taking Stock

Updated: Mar 27

Taking stock is amongst my favorite things to do !

Why? It puts so much into perspective, helps me acknowledge where I'm at and figure out which step to take next. It's basically reflecting.

Let's get right into it !

Reading: Tbh, it's been a while since I finished a book. I start then leave them halfway because I don't want them to end, lol. The last one I attempted to finish was Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Watching: My all time favorite sit-com, Friends.

Deciding: whether or not I want to get into this make-up thing. Anytime someone does my face I get so impressed but when I think of how much time and money I'll have to put in, the thrill goes away.

Loving: peanut butter drizzled on apples. I've permanently replaced crisps and the likes with this.

Wanting: both a Canon g7x mark II and a Polaroid camera. Where is the money though?

Wearing: a Chinese kimono which really makes me want to learn Chinese, lol.

Admiring: people's natural hair. Of late I've been wow-ing a lot of afros.

Sorting: my wardrobe. I want to have clothes only in earth tones except maybe a couple of pieces.

Disliking: this Nairobi heat. Eeek !

Realizing: I actually enjoy getting to know people; whether short time or long term. I like fresh perspectives, schools of thoughts, beautiful minds, different personalities... etc.

Thinking: of selling my bed and getting a day bed.

Listening: to Nakita Johnson's gospel playlist on repeat !

Enjoying: playing around with edits. I used to take a lot of photos with Huji because it's a filter on it's own so nothing much needed to be done. Stepping out of that laziness is quite something.

Following: up on my friend's projects and pushing them to work on, not only themselves but their goals as well. The whole team must win !

Learning: how to be more intentional with the relationships I have, with people I don't want to lose.

Missing: my brother so so much.

Feeling: super super grateful for even the smallest of things. I had such an insightful week that really opened my eyes to a lot.

Anticipating: my next staycation. I can't wait to share everything about it with y'all soon enough.

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