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Sustainable skin care

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Is it just me or are people finally realizing that it’s cool to give a crap about the planet we live on? Most of us are being a bit more conscious about our lifestyle choices and wastage.

As consumers, I think we’d all like to feel as though we’re helping make a change for the better; but sometimes it’s hard to know how to do that, so I decided to start with our skincare only makes sense. I also want to put it out there that we are creatures of habit and it's not our fault we've been wasteful - but it is now our responsibility to make changes for ourselves, mother earth and future generations. Let's end this cycle as best as we can, starting with small changes that will amount to a massive change. We all have to start somewhere, so if you can adapt to even one of these options you're making a difference.

Here are ways to help make your skincare routine more sustainable Apply toner with hands and tap into the skin with your fingers.

There's something so satisfying about wiping a toner-soaked cotton pad along the skin post-cleanse to see if there is any leftover dirt and makeup - but let's remember the sole purpose of a toner, which is to tone. The ideal PH of the skin in a perfect world would be a 5.5 however after cleansing, the skin can become too acidic which can affect the acid mantle of the skin. This is where a toner comes in! By misting your face with a toner you're bringing your skin back to its ideal PH. We can totally ditch the cotton pad for this step and simply tap the toner into the skin using (clean) fingers. Don't leave the water running.

We've all been there... sometimes we forget but it's always important to have this in the back of your head. Wasting water while our demand for water increases (as population and standards of living increase globally), means that we need to supplement for this lack of freshwater by pulling it out of aquifers or groundwater supplies in which their regeneration rate is lower than the extraction rate. This unsustainable practice decreases long term water security and availability. Upcycling old jars/containers.

Have you seen the famous Diptyque's candle being reused all over Instagram for the perfect flatlays and product shots? This is a prime example. A lot of the time we finish a product and throw it right into the trash/recycling when we can reuse these jars/containers for other things.

Only purchase the skincare you need.

It's hard when you scroll through Instagram and see beauty influencers with so many products... it makes you want more more more!!! But the truth is less is more. Each influencer or aesthetician is testing products for their community so it's important not to compare your skincare collection to theirs. When it comes to making a purchase, try and only purchase the products you actually need in your skincare routine.

Product refills when possible.

To limit your packaging consumption, look to refillable products. If you've been shopping online you might not know that you can re-fill your products (selected brands) in many stores. Brands are slowly starting to move in this direction. Ditch cotton pads altogether!

The production of cotton uses a significant amount of water. According to the World Wildlife Fund, 20,000 liters of water are required to make just one kilogram of! The last thing our landfill needs is more cotton pads! Another reason you should ditch cotton pads is that they may contain fertilizers and bleaches. Run-of-the-mill drugstore cotton pads can leave behind bleach residues, dioxins, and petrochemical additives, and who wants to put that stuff on their skin?

Opt for sustainably packaged products.

Have you ever received a product that's wrapped in plastic only to find it wrapped in more plastic? Companies are finally realizing the impact this has on our environment and making changes! By speaking up, using your buying power and opting for sustainably packaged products companies will be forced to make the changes to keep up with demand. xx

As you go through life, grow through it.


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