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Skincare shopping hack

Skincare shopping hack: when shopping for a new brand/brand you’ve never tried before, get the minis/travel sizes first. Why? Do you want to spend Ksh5000/$50 on a product only for it to break you out or do nothing for your skin? No thanks. Most, if not all brands have mini’s of their products and sometimes they come in sets which tbh is usually more of a steal because not only do you save your coins, but also get to try a variety of products.

Pictured is the Peter Thomas Roth Mask-Erade set. In it, is a set of 5 masks. I got this for Ksh2000 at Harvey Nichols. Out of the 5, I love 2 - the pumpkin enzyme mask and the cucumber gel mask; which I’ll be doing reviews on a bit later.

Individually, each of these masks goes for about Ksh5000. Imagine the loss if I’d gotten them separately 🥴


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