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Shepherd's Hut, Nanyuki.

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I was looking for a getaway, not so far from Nairobi but also one that would allow me solitude, a clear head yet at the same time adventure. Aesthetic and views? I'm a sucker for those too. Coming across Shepherd's Hut on Airbnb ticked all these boxes.

Shepherd's Hut is located in the lovely Onestop Nanyuki compound right across the Nanyuki Airstrip just 2 hours 30 minutes from Nairobi.

In the compound, for accommodation are Oak, Bramble, Ivy and Holly huts and a safari tent. Oak and Bramble (the most famous), are to the side of Mt. Kenya while Holly, Ivy and the safari tent directly face Mt. Kenya.

In the compound are also a cafe, internet, a veterinary clinic, an interior and gift shop, a play area and a supermarket.


Wow. Where should I begin?

If you're big on nature, you'll love this place. The huts are placed in the most green parts of the compound with the most spectacular views.

One hut can comfortably sleep 1-3 people as there's a double bed and single bed.

Double bed

Single bed

I loved that the huts interiors were done in such a way that drapes open or closed, there was light in the hut.

A fridge, microwave, kettle, toaster and basic crockery and cutlery are provided so making meals is quite limiting. Maybe besides breakfast? Toast? Cereal? Herbal tea?

However, the space inside the hut is not too much. So as much as it would save on costs to have 3 people stay there, it would be squeezed and a bit stuffy. I say stuffy because although there are windows, about 3 sets at that, there are just as many insects and creepy crawlies all over (remember I told you about the huts being in nature? Yup !). Personally, I'm not a fan of bugs so having the windows open for me was limiting, I would rather go sit outside for that fresh air. If you have no problem with bugs, please go right ahead.

Speaking of, there's a lovely patio with a table and a couple of seats where you could have a cup of tea in the morning as you catch Mt. Kenya before the clouds cover it up or read a book in the afternoon as you take in nature or also have a drink or two in the evening as you unwind and reflect on your day.

The bathroom and the hut are not under the same roof but about 10 or less steps away. The water is solar heated and should the sun not be out, there is a booster that heats the water. Above the shower, is a small open space that allows light in and having the sun rays hit your back as you shower is unmatched. I was always looking forward to the morning showers. Towels, tissue rolls and soap are provided for.

Pauline who we met at the reception was very accommodating and ready to answer any questions we had on what to eat, where to shop, where to visit... etc. She gave us her contact should we need anything and gave us Dominic's (the evening watchman) as well so that should we be returning late, we could let him know. He was equally as friendly. Hellen the caretaker was a charmer. Besides cleaning our hut, she gave us facts about the huts, the owner, the development, how busy it gets, let me take photos of an unoccupied hut.. she was just lovely. Their staff do such a great job to make you feel at home.


Shepherd's Hut is within Onestop Nanyuki, along the Nairobi-Nanyuki highway, right across the Nanyuki Airstrip. It is 2 hours 30 minutes from Nairobi. However, there is no sign on the road as most signs were taken down by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA). So right between the airport bumps, is a green gate, very easy to spot.


- Morning view of Mt. Kenya and on a clear day, it's visible all day.

- The friendly staff.

- Ideal for an intimate time or personal time.

- Prime location and easy to navigate to other places in Nanyuki.


- Insects. Insects. Insects. There's probably not much that can be done in regards to this but for me, no thanks.

- Noise from the highway as it's just off the road.

- I think the rooms could use fans as it gets a bit stuffy.

What to do?

In the rooms are a comprehensive booklet on things you can get up to while in Nanyuki, including the contacts.

You can also see what I was up to here.

Cost and how to book.

For a single person, the hut goes for Ksh 4000, for double Ksh 6000 and for a third person Ksh 2000. You could either do the booking via Airbnb by searching for "Shepherd's Hut Nanyuki" where you'll be able to see which hut is available for your preferred dates. Or you could call the contact on their website.

Side note: photographed is the Holly Hut, I however stayed at Oak.

Here you can find a one minute "house tour".

For anything I may have left out, check their website -

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