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Selvasara Studio Apartment

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

My friend Karen is OBSESSED with studio apartments and after my stay at Selvasara, I understand why. I'm not sure if it's the convenience of having everything at reach or having almost every spot in the house cosy but there's definitely something about studio apartments.

Honestly, whenever I look up Airbnb's, I lower my expectations because they're really just doing their job i.e. marketing their homes to get customers, you know? Doing this gives the Airbnb a chance to woo me.

To have me kaput because I'm in awe of your home not only because it's exactly what you put out AND MORE but also because it gives off the energy of an actual home, ugh. You have my heart. This is literally how I felt upon stepping into that apartment. I wanted to live there for as long as I could. They completely won me over because they have a cute little dog (who was put away during the stay but it's the thought that counts so yeah).

Nestled in the quiet suburbs of Karen, Joy's studio apartment is REALLY a home away from home - which really, is what the idea this staycation was. Difference being, the necessity of a pool to dip in every so often as the Nairobi heat has been on a rampage since the year began.

Joy was kind enough to leave a welcome card, some chocolates and a bottle of wine for me to enjoy during my stay.

The apartment is equipped with some essentials which you can confirm with Joy before arrival if you intend to do your shopping prior to your check in. Although I'd advice checking in, then doing your shopping. I'm more of a seeing is believing kind of person. And given I live in Nairobi and I am therefore familiar with its environs, I could easily drop off my belongings then go to a supermarket as opposed to vice-versa. Also, who wants to go shopping with luggage? Not me.

camera didn't do justice to this huge closet area

About a 5 minute drive from the house is Hardy Post where there's a fully stocked supermarket & grocery. The Newscafe branch in Karen is also located there should you want to eat out on your first night or any other day/night. Karen is actually like a town on its own with the many eateries, malls, banks.. you name it. The only thing lacking is a cinema.

I really enjoyed my stay. The cleanliness. The hospitality. The amenities. The serenity. Everything. It honestly felt like an out of town

Joy prefers to steer off the apartment while guests are there and given that I love my space, it was a win-win. Although should you need her, you could call her or send a message.

The only downside on my end was that the check out time is 10.00am and there were other guests coming in that day so it was not possible to get a later check out time. Otherwise, always always request for a later check out time. Even if they say no, at least you tried.

For any details I may have left out, here is the link to the studio apartment.

no, the floater is not part of the Airbnb package, lol

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