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Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Let’s talk surface chemical exfoliation!

Chemical exfoliation helps to keep pores clean, provide a smooth texture and encourage healthy skin cell turnover. When going into chemical exfoliation, AHAs and BHAs seemed too complex and the word ‘acid’ terrified me - still does.

Then I came across enzymes. They work by breaking down the protein bonds that attach dead skin cells to the uppermost layers of the skin which triggers exfoliation. Enzyme products are generally very gentle in their action and suitable for all skin types. They work exactly like AHAs but don’t penetrate as deeply into the skin hence surface exfoliation. Examples of enzymes are papaya extract, pumpkin extract, pineapple extract... amongst many others.

This pumpkin enzyme mask by Peter Thomas has been a favorite for me! It evened out my skin tone, helped with texture and made my skin visibly radiant. I started with using it once a week then twice a week. This should be over pretty soon and I thought about getting the bigger one (150ml) but I think I want to replace this with acids. Wish me luck!

Key Ingredients:

Pumpkin enzyme - provides enzymatic exfoliation to help smooth the skin’s surface.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) - chemically peels to hell reveal younger, radiant-looking skin.

Aluminium oxide crystals - polish skin’s surface to help improve the look of uneven texture.


As you go through life, grow through it.


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