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Podcast Brunch Club - NAIROBI !!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I was listening to a podcast and thinking about how great it would be to surrounded by people with a similar podcast interest and just chat all things podcasts, you know? It is so demotivating talking to people who are not interested in podcasts about podcasts. They cannot relate and probably find it pretty odd that you'd choose listen to a random person speak for 15 minutes to over an hour about something you could probably Google... so much negativity. It's just underwhelming.

So, I thought about getting together a couple of pod-heads and starting a podcast club but I had no idea how to go about it. Would we just meet and chat about random podcasts? What if we had different areas of interests? I had a lot questions. Whoever said Google is your best friend did not lie because just by typing in "podcast club", Google solved my problem.

The first link was of the Podcast Brunch Club which was really the answer to my prayers.

Look at that intro, how can you resist?

What won me however, was this:

Podcast listening can be lonely. How many times have you burst out laughing (or wiped away a tear) and turned to share the moment with someone only to realize that you are by yourself? Podcast Brunch Club (PBC) is changing that by bringing podcast listeners together, both in person and online.

I had found my people. My community.

With 78 chapters in 20 countries, I quickly sent my inquiry to put Kenya on the map.

Adela, the founder of PBC was just as excited as I was to have a chapter in Nairobi. We eagerly planned for a call so that she could give me more details about PBC, explain to me what it meant to be a chapter and answer any questions I might have. That phone call birthed the Podcast Brunch Club - Nairobi.

Every month on the 1st, a thematic Listening List with 1-5 hours of podcast episodes for PBC meetings and online discussions is sent out via email.

Adela gave me the option of having the PBC Nairobi chapter exclusive i.e. open to only people I know or would handpick which was quite a tempting offer because let's be honest, meeting new people isn't always exciting but - I instead opted to have it open as I didn't want to shut out anyone with a love for podcasts from this community that I personally had been actively searching for.

I expected about 5/6 people in the club. Shock on me when I woke up to about 10 emails on the first day. I was stressed. How was I going to "manage" this people? WhatsApp group I thought.Then again, these are people who barely know each other and are sort of all relying on me to bring them together. Whew. Pressure.

Now at about 30 registered members and 22 of them in a WhatsApp group, I have to wear my big girl panties and engage with each of them on a personal level to ease them into all of this. As much as it's not easy for me, it's also not easy for them and one of us has to be the bigger person. DAS me!

If you're interested in joining the Nairobi chapter of the PBC, you are more than welcome!

We are currently not having any in-person monthly meet ups due to the current state of affairs worldwide but we do discuss the playlists at the end of the month virtually with other members of the PBC worldwide.


As you go through life, grow through it.


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