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Pallet Cafè

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

After our visit to Barista & Co, Karen and I curated a list of cafès and cute little spaces to visit, as we're both big on iced coffee for her and iced tea for me, interiors and the stories behind places.

First on our list was Pallet Cafè.

To be quite honest, if I lived around Lavington, Pallet Cafè would be my go-to. Despite its location, along James Gichuru Road and right across Lavington Mall, it's quite serene and quiet.

A spot you could work from should you want to be out of the office or home; somewhere to have an intimate breakfast, lunch or late evening meal; perfect for masturdating as you reflect on life or maybe read a book and great for a photoshoot if you're into that.

Nothing on their menu goes above Ksh1500. Can you imagine that ! Where else in Nairobi can you find such a place with such prices? The beverage menu mainly comprises of coffee, tea, shakes and juice - pretty much what's expected of a cafè. They have quite an extensive breakfast menu which is served till noon. The rest of their menu comprises of sandwiches, burgers, chicken wings and the likes.

We really wanted to try their burgers and chicken wings but since the breakfast window was still open, we opted for that.

Karen had the Eggs Benedict whereas I had the Norwegian breakfast - each accompanied with toast, guacamole, hummus and a caramel sauce of some sort.

My favorite aspect of Pallet Cafè is the curation of their menu. The menu has a code against each item. This is to make it easier for their waiters who are hard of hearing. Ordering is made easier for both the customer and the waiter by pointing to the code of the item you'd like to have or alternatively, they give you the notepad to jot down your order. Feisal, the cafè's founder mentioned that the reason behind hiring them was not only to provide them with equal employment opportunities but also to grow their confidence as well. Having them out in the open and interacting with people and not being hidden somewhere because of their in-capabilities, really improves how they carry themselves.

I love everything about Pallet Cafè. From the rustic aesthetic, to the ambience, to the food, the service... everything. I'm more than sure anyone who's visited the place only has good things to say. Pass by when you can.

PS - they have rabbits and two tortoises in the compound.

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