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Ole Sereni

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Coming here, the idea was to have sun downers and bitings or a meal after lunch but before supper. Is there a name for that? We need one because to be honest, the period between lunch and dinner is excruciatingly long. Or is it just me?

They have quite a couple of dining options; The Big Five Restaurant, The Eagles Steakhouse, The Waterhole Snack Bar and The Ngong Pool Bar.

For what I was going for, I thought their Waterhole Snack Bar would be ideal. It's exclusively an outdoor space - not thaaaaat spacious though. Being a Sunday, I thought it was smart to make a reservation because a couple of other people are trying to catch that sunset as well so better safe than sorry, you know? And boy was I right ! The place got packed quite fast in the evening probably making other people settle for the other restaurants. Not that the views are different (if one seats outside) but the energy/ambience definitely. The Waterhole Snack Bar has that conversational, comfortable not serious vibe whilst for the rest the setting is fine dining, probably limiting how loud you can get especially considering that there could be families, children, etc. This is definitely excluding the pool bar which is literally that. A bar at the pool area from which I assume you can eat? I didn't quite pay attention.

For a more vivid description of what I'm saying, you can have a look here.

Their menu was quite broad. I suppose this is because there's the option of ordering from two restaurants (The Waterhole Snack Bar & The Big Five Restaurant). Though somewhat pricey, their portions are definitely value for your money. Only downside which was from both my partner and I is that the food was too spicy. Being a lover of spicy food, that was too much for me. Their fries were great though ! I was also disappointed in their limited option of wine by glass. Of their whole wine list, only about 4 wines were sold by glass, the rest by bottle. Nonetheless, they made up with their blueberry iced tea which I absolutely loved. Their vanilla milkshake was pretty good too. They have a variety of cocktails too.

Beef Lasagne

Chicken lollipops & fries

It gets pretty chilly once the sun sets so should you stay longer, carry a sweater or something to keep you warm. Don't be like me who assumed they'd have those fire things (I've forgotten the name) and was disappointed.

Their service isn't anything to write home about but it wasn't bad either so let's go with decent.

I'd recommend Ole Sereni for sundowners because the view is breathtaking. It would also make a good spot for lunch with the family or a group of friends on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Date night too but please sit inside? Ladies especially. You're probably going to be look cute so please don't freeze while you're at it. The inside is pretty cute at night.

Price: $$$

Anything else I may not have talked about, you can find on their website.

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