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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Borrowing this fancy title for taking stock from my friend Karen.

It's actually been a hot minute, read 3 months since I took stock. Wow.

Let's catch up then, shall we?

Reading: nothing. To be very honest, I stopped reading. Audio-books and podcasts are it for me now so I'll probably need to replace this part with something else.

Watching: and monitoring my interactions with people. I'm trying to be intentional with my interactions and at the same time not over extend myself.

Deciding: whether to sell/keep a load of stationery I bought was probably one of the hardest decisions I've had to make this year.

Loving: my therapy sessions ! I'm doing a whole lot of unpacking but I'm also rebuilding, replanting and re-rooting which I absolutely love.

Wanting: to get back to journaling. I don't remember how I fell off the wagon but I'm about to get back right on it.

Wearing: onesies ever single day. I'm really thriving in this chilly Nairobi weather and I love it. That's when I'm in the house, lol.

Admiring: anyone who is disciplined and consistent with their wellness.

Sorting: and filtering the content I consume so unfollowing pages that no longer serve me and following pages that nourish me.

Disliking: the smell of sage. Why didn't anyone tell me it smells like marijuana? Whew.

Realizing: that I'm not in a space to take on new friends at the moment. I've always been open to it but I realized that as I do so, I begin to prioritize those more than the friendships I already have which isn't fair.

Thinking: about investing in this bomb wig my friend currently has on. I say investing because it is actually an investment - price wise and long term, lol.

Listening: to "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck" audio-book and let me tell you, Mark Manson is shouting. We're being called out on E V E R Y T H I N G. If you haven't read this book, get to it. If you prefer listening, download Audible and get it there.

Enjoying: make up vlogs more than I should be, lol. So remember how here I was torn about whether to dive into this make up thing or nah? I did it ! I own a couple of goodies now and I'll slowly start watching tutorials. Let's see how I'll be doing the next time I take stock.

Following: a lot of mental health conversations. Society is starting to break out of the stigma around it and I'm here for it.

Learning: not to take on more than I can handle; in regards to my relationships, work, people's emotions, plans... everything. Boundaries. I'm learning how to set those.

Missing: Rihanna music. It's been a minute since sis dropped something.

Feeling: super grateful that I got accepted to my dream school to pursue my Masters. I was in disbelief for a whiiiiile.

Anticipating: my birthday !!!!!!! I've finally settled on something to do and I wish we could fast forward. I genuinely can't wait to be surrounded by my favorite people in the world.

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