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Green tea seed serum

Green tea is up there among my top 5 ingredients. It’s an antioxidant, it helps fight acne, it unclogs pores, it’s hydrating, it reduces inflammation, it’s soothing... I could go on really.

Key ingredients:

Jeju green tea extract - replenishes hydration. 

Jeju green tea seed oil - nurtures and helps skin retain moisture. 

Panthenol - helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier.


I was gifted this serum when my skin care routine was the basic cleanse-tone-moisturize-sunscreen. When I incorporated it into my routine, I became a whole other person. My skin was well hydrated, supple and smooth, I barely had eczema flare ups and I was glowing. Fr fr. 

This serum is pretty light weight, not tacky at all and doesn’t leave a film on the skin. It goes on smoothly on the skin and dries down relatively fast. I love the pump as it controls how much product you get. 1-2 pumps are more than enough and it lasts quite long - about 6 months if not more. 

Although not in my current routine, I always have a bottle of this serum. It’s in my rescue stash. A stash of products I have that I use when my skin is not cooperating and/or when I have eczema flare ups. 

Unlike other serums that come in 30ml bottles, this comes in an 80ml bottle and goes for $27.


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