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Good Molecules - Niacinamide Brightening Toner

Skin care is VERY individual. Always do your research.

I bought this product on a whim! I wasn’t so happy with my toner at the time and I kept seeing this everywhere, everyone had good things to say about it + the ingredient list is pretty great tbh. Without doing my own personal research like I usually do, I got it. In a day I started getting pimples which I convinced myself were a purge bc of the actives present. Despite them increasing and being really painful, I chose to stick it out bc I didn’t understand why this product that everyone loved so much wasn’t agreeing with my skin. Slightly over 2 months later I had to bring myself to stop using it bc my skin was getting really sensitized and my skin barrier getting damaged.

Did I at some point (due to denial) convince myself that I was developing allergies to certain ingredients? Absolutely. Was I bummed that it didn’t work for me? Extremely. Does this mean it’s a bad product? No. It just wasn’t for me and that’s okay.

What I did love about it however, was that it was really hydrating! I gave it to a friend who shared that aside from it being hydrating, she noticed that it controlled her oil production and the whiteheads on her nose and chin disappeared. As for brightening/scars, it didn’t do much for her.

Key ingredients:

Niacinamide - vitamin B3.

Licorice root extract - soothes inflammation and inhibits excess melanin production.

Naturally derived arbutin - improves the look of hyperpigmentation

Stable form of vitamin C - boosts skin's ability to defend itself against free radical damage and promotes collagen production.


As you go through life, grow through it. Nailah.

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