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I don’t play favorites when it comes to skincare brands but I have to say, AGNES has my heart 💜

Their tagline “skincare to make you glow” is no cap bc that’s exactly what it does!

The essential collection comprises of the Waridi Love Hydrating Toning Mist, the Meremeta Revitalising Facial Serum and soon, the Unyevu Burst Moisturizer.

Amongst the reasons I love this brand is their transparency and packaging.

The ingredients are all listed on each product and the key ingredients highlighted - letting you know exactly what to expect.

The packaging comes in a dark/black bottle which is great for preventing active ingredients from oxidizing. The toner comes in a mist bottle with a nozzle, making it pretty easy to use; the serum comes with a dropper which allows you to regulate how much product you use and the moisturizer comes with a spatula, so no contaminating the product with the constant dipping of fingers.


As you go through life, grow through it.


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