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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I can't believe no one put me on this show earlier !!!!! The first episode aired in September 1990 and the last one in May 1996. I mean, I was just about to be born, but still, people knew about this show and I discovered it two months ago. Hooooooow? Well, I'm part to blame because I refrain from classics. Anything before the 2000s (film wise), I cannot. I feel like I can't relate and the quality hurts my eyes, lol. But this... this show... is EVERYTHING !

Big shout out to Netflix for giving me the chance to binge all the 148 episodes in 2 weeks, lol. I literally wanted to have a "book club" sort of thing to discuss the show. I'd constantly watch it while at home and downloaded the Netflix app on my phone to watch when I was on the move. The thing with me, is that I get attached to characters; both in books and shows. I would dream I was part of the Banks family. Not like as their sibling or cousin or anything but I was just a part of them. It's ridiculous, I know.

Geoffrey their British Butler had to be my favorite character! His fluent sarcasm was unbeatable and humorous.

Carlton, Carlton, Carlton. Carlton Banks was probably one of the most annoying goody two shoes I've come across. He deserved all the banter and mockery from Will, lmao. The one good thing that did come from Carlton was his "song". He introduced me to Tom Jones who was his favorite artist on the show. The song, "It's Not Unusual" is one of my current favorite songs. Thank you Carlton.

Wasn't Hilary the diva? I'd constantly picture her in an African set up and die because she'd probably die.

Fresh Prince was a combination of humor, togetherness, love, values, sarcasm, understanding, family, belonging, lessons, emotions and pure comedy. This show is a great pick me up, a perfect way to end a long day and a perfect binge !

If you haven't watched it yet, do yourself a favor and thank me later.

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