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Ceramides are lipids (fats) that hold skin cells and protect the skin against moisture loss and environmental aggressors. They are found in the uppermost epidermal layers of our skin and form up to 50% of the skin's barrier. Ceramides form the 'lipid matrix' a flexible and waterproof barrier.

As we age, and with repeated exposure of irritants, ceramides can deplete, causing a compromised skin barrier which leads to dry, irritated skin. Those with dry skin and/or with skin conditions such as rosacea & eczema have lower ceramide levels within their skin. Aside from genetic factors, heat, harsh soaps, chemicals and alcohol can dry out the skin.

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The benefits of ceramides include:

  • Emollient - hydrate by forming a protective layer, which reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

  • Repairs your skin barrier.

  • Makes skin soft & supple.

  • Improves skin texture.

Ceramides in skin care work to restore and reinforce your skin's barrier, providing nourishment.Products that are rich in ceramides work to nourish, restore and replenish the skin.

With the current pandemic, we are all washing our hands and using anti-bacterial gels more frequently, so be sure to replenish your skin post contact to prevent long term irritation.

Ceramides are suitable for all skin types. They pair exceptionally well with fatty acids and cholesterol ingredients within skincare products (e.g. omega 3). Ceramides are often an ingredient in moisturisers and barrier repair creams.


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