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Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I recently noticed that most if not all of my current favorite items are made in Kenya and it made me think, "girl, are you thaaat patriotic?" Lol.

In no particular order, first is the Agnes Pure & Regal Rose water face mist. OH. MY. GOD. If this brand had a skin care range, it's what I'd be on. This face mist made with pure and organic actives is hydrating, soothing, replenishing and gives the skin an extra glow. I'd never used it before but something told me to get two bottles and I honestly don't regret it. Besides this, the customer is so good and efficient. They recently launched a serum which I can't wait to get my hands on once I'm done with my current one.

You can find more details on their products here.

Let me tell you for free, I carry this bag EVERYWHERE. It's honestly the perfect bag. I'm not one who "arranges" stuff in her bag so this fits all the necessary and most times unnecessary things I love to throw in my bag. It's pretty aesthetic too and we know I'm a sucker for aesthetics.

The page I bought it from on Instagram does't have a website but you can order directly from them.

I've been looking for salted caramel scented candles for the LONGEST time. Not because I know the scent but because I assumed since salted caramel is my favorite flavor, I'd automatically love the scented candle. Funny story, after finding somewhere I can get salted caramel candles, I didn't get salted caramel. Lol. I started reading about candles (because I read about anything and everything) and how different scents help with boosting moods and productivity. I went with vanilla and jasmine. Apparently, the smell of jasmine could be as calming as valium. A surprising study showed the floral scent helps soothe nerves, making it an ideal desktop candle fragrance for high-stress days. On the other hand, vanilla is naturally uplifting and relaxing.

I got them in these enamel cups to fit my room aesthetic but you can get them here in so many different packaging styles.

Having dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin has made me learn so much on skin care because I'm always looking for what works, making me read a lot on ingredients used in products. I've come to learn that for any skin type, natural products work best and there's something for everyone. For dry skin particularly, baobab oil and moringa oil work wonders. I use the moringa oil from Blends of Nature and baobab oil from Wild Earth Botanics, both Kenyan brands. My skin has honestly never been so hydrated. I love it !

Now that we're still on skin care, having dry skin also means struggling with finding the right body lotion because most times you use lotion and three minutes later you're ashy and it's like ??????? you know? I use the Blends of Nature grapefruit body butter - a blend of shea butter, grapefruit and coconut oil. It smells like candy. Did I mention that they're a 100% vegan company?

Last but not least, is sage. Being a wellness enthusiast, I come across a lot of things as I read. Knowledge is power. I had no idea sage in Nairobi sells out so fast. I was lowkey impressed because that means people are aware of it and it's benefits and not just sitting on that information but using it. I'm a bit late to the party but at least I'm here. Sage comes in different varieties; pure sage, sage + mint and sage + rosemary. All serving different purposes. The smoke from sage is used to cleanse, bless, heal and remove negativity from an object or being. Peppermint is generally refreshing and soothing. Rosemary is known to be soothing and encourages a sense of peace within your environment. It also removes negative energy from places/spaces. I currently have sage + rosemary which I got from Washindi Naturals. Emmy from Washindi Naturals was so kind and helpful and answered all the questions I had.

What Kenyan brands/products are you currently loving? Share them with me and I'll be sure to check them out.

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