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8 of my favorite blogs

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

In no particular order, here's a list of my current favorite blogs.

1. Rabala's delights.

Sheila's blog and Instagram feed CONSTANTLY make my stomach rumble. I'm not exaggerating or anything. I was never one to read food blogs, but after following her Instagram for a while, I just had to know how she got it done in the kitchen. Also known as 'The Drinking Chef', she shares ways on how we can incorporate alcoholic beverages into our food and barely noticing they're there ! Adop

Her blog and instagram account.

2. Bikozulu

The mystery man. If you've ever seen this man, could you give me a rough idea of where I can "bump" into him? Like maybe the places he frequently visits? Actually, that won't help because I really have no clue how he looks. Biko's writing made me fall in love with story telling. His style of writing makes his stories so vivid, you could literally paint the characters in your mind.

His blog and instagram account.

3. The Every Girl

This blog should be a magazine bc reading through it is literally perusing through a magazine. They give life hacks, career advice, it has fashion and beauty related articles, travel, finance, home decor, wellness... EVERYTHING ! It's one those blogs that makes you want to get your life together.

The blog and instagram account.

4. Live Deeply Rooted

This blog is a sisterhood tribe striving to be deeply rooted in God in all areas, together.

It was started by Sopha Rush who is one of the people I look up to spiritually. Her goal is to share with young women who are striving daily to become more like Christ, encouraging them to pursue God wholeheartedly, in every aspect of their life. This my go-to whenever I need spiritual nourishment as it has prayer challenges, powerful testimonies, articles that help understanding of the word better... etc.

The blog and instagram account.

5. This Is Essential

Just as the name suggests, everything shared on this blog is something you should know or something that will help an aspect of your life. It talks skin care, health, wealth, fashion, wellness, entertainment. It's a go-to guide and lifestyle resource for the modern day woman.

The blog and instagram account.

6. Kangai Kenya

From her blog, she has such a bubbly personality. She's one of those people you want to be around because she exudes so much light and has infectious energy. Her story telling involves you, makes you feel the experience and yearn for more.

Her blog and instagram account.

7. Aunty Nimu

Just as her name suggests, Aunty Nimu is that aunty who is your go-to, that aunty who backs you up when you're in trouble, that aunty who is your confidant... that aunty who is your best friend. You know? She blogs on fitness, health and wellness and has all these tips and hacks well explained.

Her blog and instagram account.

8. The Cultured Cow

I love love interiors and anything to do with home stuff so it wasn't a shock when I stumbled on Shiro's blog and immediately fell in love. Besides sharing where she gets her interior pieces, all her interior posts have a story behind them which makes them even more intriguing.

Her blog and instagram account.

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